Fine Art Photographer of the Year


In April 2019, I was beyond honoured to win the title of “Fine-Art Photographer of the Year 2019” by the IPPVA.
You can read all about it in the blog and even see photographs of the night or keep scrolling for some of the awarded images and more.


Personal Work


Where does the inspiration come from?

“Sometimes the idea just shoots in… and I go from there… this is when I find it very easy. With the condition that it happens there and then. If I can throw everything away and just give my whole self to the process of creation. So I shoot and edit on the same day! This is the most satisfying and complete feeling.
The harder one needs searching. Music… Poetry…. Random things on the road…. A child walking by… Or a few of these in one…. I have a notebook for idea and sad to say they pile up… and get forgotten sometimes.”

Read more about my creative process in my Photographer of the Week interview with


A little bit about me…

I am a mother of two girls.

At 8 & 11, they are still my “babies“ and always will be. They inspire me every single day and seeing them grow so fast helps me appreciate the present moment.

I wasn’t always a photographer but always an artist. I went to Art College and studied conservation and restoration of works of art.

The need to create is very strong when I shoot. I want to say.. to explain or to ask…. and I want to make it, to paint it…


Creative Portraits

Creative portraiture is my passion. Children are so open and able to express so so much.

Let’s create something special for your family. A striking and original piece for your wall.

A studio portrait that is not ordinary.

Greta is a masterful and most talented photographer when it comes to children portraits.
— Yvette Depaepe (In her 1x interview)

Art deserves a place on your walls


Let‘s portray the magic your child bring

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