Lifestyle Family Photography at Home with Dog | Elle

When a studio portrait session isn’t for you, then a home (or outdoor) lifestyle family photography session might be perfect for your family. It’s fun, relaxed and the results are so much more natural and personal.

The best part?

You can include your dog (or cat) in your family photos :)

In case you were wondering, I am not afraid of dogs. Even big ones :) If you have fur babies, they should definitely be a part of your family photographs!

I think we’ll agree that everyone is most comfortable at home or going for a walk in a familiar location.

Big dog and baby girl on the parents bed at home

This is one of my favourite photograph, it just looks like he cares about her, doesn’t it? I’m pretty sure the relationship between dog and baby is going to grow into something special.

Isn’t this cute? I told you!

If you’re into dogs, Here is an other lifestyle family photo session with a dog.


Lifestyle family photography

I do travel for lifestyle family photography at home or outdoor.

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