Windy Couple Vacation Photography Session in Howth | G+B

Do you know how unpredictable the weather is here on The Isle of Ireland? Visitors will often ask “What is the weather like? What can we expect?“

It’s raining now! - I say... and the rest is unknown.

You can expect anything ! That's the beauty and magic of this place!

Gretchen and Brad (U2 fans to the bone) traveled here from USA for their 20th wedding anniversary. Just the two of them, romantically cute as they are.

And U2 were playing in Dublin... and G+B saw them TWICE! (Told you: fans to the bone.)

Our trip to Howth started with the prognosis of rain after 12pm... So didn’t wait around!

We walked, chatting and trying to keep our feet on the ground ! Because the wind was something else!!!

It rushed and gushed... swirled around us.... It fell in love with Gretchen's hair.

It carried massive dark clouds towards us and yet it gave us magic rays of sun.

And you know what?

It started raining just as we were back at the car!

It was poetic.

It was wild.

It was crazy Irish Wind.

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